Finishing up new product, isoNeck pillow's film

6 Jan 2022

The 30th of November was the day of the video shoot for isoNeck Pillow

This moment was possible that because there was a long process of product development that we had been preparing for.

The achievements will probably be introduced to customers for the first time with a short video and This also could move their precious time and thoughts.

isolife specialized in spinal health company has been in the related business for more than 10 years. Then, we know better than anyone else how many people are suffering from back-related pain. We are working with them to find solutions, and by developing products that fit them, we check the reason for our existence and realizing corporate value.

That's why isoNeck and isoSpine were born. orthopedic instruments for the cervical spine are successfully distributed in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Thousands of positive feedback and continuous sales record can tell us how many people trust isolife's products.

< Main image of successful isoSpine’s campaign at Kickstarter >

But we weren't satisfied with this, we wanted to make products that can be used comfortably for a long time by normal people, our children, and even ourselves as developers.

We hope that it would become isoLife’s products can give good influences to more people, for more time, in our daily life.

So, the isoNeck pillow that we introduce you has been designed to satisfy anyone from sensitive people who have become pillow nomads with expensive functional pillows to ordinary people who do not know how much pillows can affect sleep quality. It will be an innovative customized pillow that takes care of the cervical spine even for sleep.

From now on, we would like to show you snap photos on the fun shooting site.

< The model using isoNeck pillow comfortably >

We customized the isoNeck pillow to fit the body sizes of the model and filmed it.

The actor, who used it for the first time, said “it was so comfortable so I could act comfortably.

< While shooting, without any recognition, David almost fell asleep >

David, who is over 190cm, was filmed on a pillow of XL size.

We heard that when he used three head pads, it was the most comfortable.

< Interviewees of various body sizes >

Considering the body sizes, ages, and jobs, we had provided isoNeck pillow to them each one in advance, and we gathered together again at the meeting to interview for real reviews.

We thanked you all for that because they shared better reviews than we expected. So, the atmosphere of the shooting place was even more enjoyable.

During the interview, by asking if it would be okay to take it for free and to get the story of the child's desire to take it home, we seemed to be compensated for our time as pillow developers

Before launching the isoNeck pillow, We did have any difficulties

When the first sketch of the product came out. and Based on many prototypes, the molds were made. but we couldn't be satisfied easily. because it was meaningful to make a good product that anyone could be satisfied with. The other companies talked to us ‘you are too persistent. Is there a need to revise it, even managing big losses? It's not too much to just proceed.’

However, We threw 5 size molds away and remodified those a lot.

< The sketch of design >

< The process of modeling >

< The prototypes >

< The Process of double structures memory foam in a factory >

Through collaboration with ‘BRION’ professional game players in League of Legends, there also were other design modifications and product developments.

It has been developed through trials and errors. we can confidently introduce you to the birth of a conceptual pillow that can provide a very comfortable sleep to modern people who enjoy various lifestyles.

< Delight and Lava from Brion's professional game team participated in the product development >

Just like isoLife has done its best to develop products for spine health,

All employees have done their best to make the functional pillow.

Finally, it will be unveiled for the first time on Kickstarter in the U.S. in January next year.

Please look forward to isoNeck Pillow.

For more information, you can check the relevant page through the video and detailed page.

If you agree to the pre-marketing, please leave your e-mail address, we will send you an e-mail with early bird benefits along with the schedule in advance.

I hope to meet you with good products soon.

Thank you.



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